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Lady Skater Dress

I made the Lady Skater dress by Kitschy Coo. I have resisted this pattern for ages, didn’t think it would suit me, would I wear it, you know all the arguments. Two issues with this pattern, one is that I hate PDF’s, all that printing and sticking, using a whole roll of sellotape, no, not for me. The second issue is that I have never sewn knits and it looked too difficult, the neck band on any knit T shirt patterns has always put me off. I didn’t think I would be able to make the neck look good enough that I would wear it.

After buying an overlocker a few weeks ago I decided that it was time to try my hand at sewing with knits, and this pattern was the one I chose. There are loads of this dress on the web, all absolutely amazing but would I be able to match them.

I don’t like the process of sticking PDF patterns together, it seems a waste of time to me to me but after overcoming my aversion to sellotape just got it done. You choose a size according to your high bust and high waist measurement and being a typical English pear shape I measured a 3 for the bodice and a 5 for the skirt but the pattern has you blend the sizes which worked out fine.

You are advised to make a muslin but I didn’t bother, I cut the top and basted it together to see if it fitted, if it had been wildly out I had enough fabric to cut the bodice again but it wasn’t necessary. Amazingly the dress fitted without any adjustments, the only thing I omitted was the bands on the arms. I’m so pleased with the result, the neck band was a dream to sew, the instructions are absolutely spot on. 2015-02-15 lady skater and on a roll t shirt 002 2015-02-15 lady skater and on a roll t shirt 001See for yourself, can’t wait to wear it, just waiting for my twin needle to arrive in the post so I can finish the hems. Already trawled the net earlier and ordered more Ponte knit in a dark green to make another.

The fabric I used is a medium weight grey Ponte Roma jersey.

Andrea x


I Love My Overlocker

Its been a long time since I’ve been here, nearly a whole year. We had a very busy summer (my excuse) as our son moved to Oxford as part of his uni course and this entailed numerous trips up and down the motorway looking for somewhere for him to live.  He was in the middle of exams and revision so couldn’t spare the time so it was up to us to pick a place that fit his criteria, quiet road and a driveway to park his car. So, look at a house, send a photo, wait for a reply, on to the next place. Eventually we picked the one place we just hoped was good enough. Then the big move, another trip down the motorway with both cars packed to the rafters but all went well and he was settled in. Then he wanted his bike, then his trolley jack, I swear my husband’s car could have driven there all on its own!!

After the big move his room was stripped of furniture, carpets, bed, ready for redecorating, new carpet, bed etc. Then I moved in with my sewing machine and what a pleasure its been since. No faffing about clearing the dining room table, getting the machine out, sewing then tidying away. Previously I have kept my sewing stuff under the settees or under the bed, but no more, I have everything out where I can see it and use it.

I am getting to the point here..I have always wanted an overlocker (serger for our American friends), but I had nowhere to keep it, would I use it if I had to get it from its hiding place? Would I be able to thread it, all the horror stories on the net put me off. Well, now I had a room, it was my birthday last week (29th Jan), my husband bought me an overlocker and I love it to the moon and back. Its a dream to thread, not difficult at all, just like threading your sewing machine but with four threads not one.

Already made two T shirts, a skirt and a sweat shirt on it, only using my sewing machine for the hems. Its brilliant. I got a Brother 1034D and I can’t praise it enough.

2015-01-31 Brother Overlocker 1034D 001

I sewed a quilt for my son’s girlfriend for Christmas, it was a nightmare. Not that it was difficult to make, just finding nine fabrics that I thought suitable for a 20 year old girl was so frustrating. Got there in the end but I won’t be doing that again. I made a cushion with the left over nine patch but it seems I didn’t take a photo. She liked it.

2014-11-16 georgia's quilt 001

Andrea x

The Great British Sewing Bee

Has anyone been watching The Great British Sewing Bee? Well, of course you have and I know that everyone will have an opinion. For what it’s worth, I’m disappointed.

I’m disappointed that Linda has gone and that Tamara is still in. From the beginning Tamara has had more failures than anyone and certainly more failures than Linda. I thought the programme was to find the best all round home sewer, not the best that week, we all have off days!! I shall change my allegiance to Heather.

Not too sure that I will be bothered to watch the final now.

Andrea x

Another owl cushion

I made another!! I love making these they are so cute.


secon try owl cushion 002


A second pic, couldn’t resist.


secon try owl cushion 003


Andrea x


A couple of finishes

Another paper pieced pattern, Enamel coffee pot from  Sew-ichigo.

Not too sure about this one, will probably have another go, maybe its the fabric that’s putting me off!!

I made a pot holder/mat to match. Now I love this pattern, its from a book called Patchwork Please by Ayumi Takahashi.

tea pot cushion 005

tea pot cushion 002

Finished two baby quilts, this one is 28 inches square, made using Zoofari by Riley Blake

rain coats, tops, quilts etc 021

This one made using Oink-a-Doodle-Moo fabric by Moda, I made two of these but still have to hand sew the binding on the second one.

Its bigger than the other one  33 x 43 inches

rain coats, tops, quilts etc 027

rain coats, tops, quilts etc 028

Both these quilts are on eBay, thought I’d try and sell them

Andrea x


My first paper pieced block made into a cushion for my sister in law’s birthday. Pattern bought from Bubblestitch on

owl cushion 002

I really enjoyed sewing this pattern, although when you first start paper piecing you have to concentrate. Once you get the hang of it away you go.

Andrea x

Christmas 2013

A Merry Christmas to everyone, here in the UK and overseas.

Christmas 2013 002

Christmas 2013 003

Christmas 2013 004

Christmas 2013 005

Have a fun day everyone, we’re off to my sisters so its no cooking for me today. I have contributed though, made the stuffing, bread sauce and two deserts, homemade ice-cream and a yummy New York baked cheesecake. Forgot the Viennese mince pies, only made 12 dozen this year, but I have shared my recipe so folks can make their own.

Just waiting for the grumpy teenager to emerge and we can open the presents.

Andrea xx