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Spring is here (I hope)

April 21, 2013

Well, I thought spring had arrived but its freezing today. We did manage a walk yesterday and it was beautiful for most of the way. I think we did 5 miles but by the end my legs were aching. We dropped our rucksacks in the car and walked to the little National Trust coffee shop at Longshaw, it was only the thought of a cup of Earl Grey tea that got me from car park to shop!! Its always the last few yards that finish you off!!

We sat outside to have our refreshing cuppa in the little garden, the sun was shining, the birds were tweeting, it was lovely. Longshaw encourage the birds around this area, there are feeders in trees and even a camera pointing at one of the feeders dangling from a branch. The encouragement certainly works as there are loads of lovely little birds darting about. Now, I have no idea what sort of birds these are, neither has my other half , but we do know they are gorgeous little things. They are probably a common variety so I’ll leave it to someone to enlighten me.

Birds in the Longshaw EstateThis was taken yesterday

Birds on the Longshaw Estate

This photo was taken at Longshaw in March

Higger Tor and Carl Walk from above the Burbage Valley

Yesterday in Derbyshire

Last Saturday we went to Bakewell for breakfast then for a long walk, I think we did over six miles. There was still snow at the side of fields and in hidden hollows although the day was quite warm. To start with. Then it rained. I spotted a hare in a field, other half quickly unattached his camera from his tripod and zoomed in.

Hare near HaddonI know it doesn’t look much but we were at least two fields away. I know hare’s are big but I was surprised at how big.

On a different subject, I sewed four fleece neck warmers for my sister to wear at the stables, well, one for her and the others to give away.

And had the notion to make myself a pair of trousers. I used a pair of jeans and traced a pattern on brown paper. I wanted to make jegging type trousers as I hate wearing tops and T shirts outside trousers only to see lumps and bumps where the zip and waistband are. I thought if I made them with an elastic waist and fitted at the hip then hopefully they would be smooth in order to sit under t shirts. Well, a pair has been made in white cotton denim and I’m very pleased with them. No photo yet, the trousers are drying on the line as I washed them before I stitch the hemline, just in case of shrinkage. I normally wash all my fabric as soon as I bring it home so its probably already been through the laundry. Another wash won’t hurt it.

Have a great week

Andrea x


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