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Caffe Rizzoli-Saturday

June 23, 2013

Although it is officially summer here in the UK, it rained on Saturday. Well, we Brits have come to expect this, it must be my age but I don’t remember summers being as bad as we’ve experienced the last two or three years. I suppose when you’re young the weather doesn’t have the same impact, you can play whatever its doing outside. Now, as adults, we are concerned with getting the laundry dry, and little feet trailing mud etc on your nice clean floor!!

Well, I digress, it rained so we went shopping when we would normally go walking. Now, we’re fair weather walkers, my husband drags along his tripod and camera and you can’t take photos in the rain, heaven forbid that you expose your camera to the odd rain drop!!

Usually when we go shopping together my husband parks himself at a well known coffee place (can’t bring myself to type the name) gets himself a coffee and plays on his iPad. Now I hate this well known coffee place, I thinks its expensive, the coffee is no better than anywhere else and to top all that, you queue and wait and when you get your drink (eventually) its served in a thick mug that a rugby forward would have trouble picking up!!

I’m getting to the point here. Even my husband was getting exasperated with the indifferent service and expensive coffee of the well known brand that we decided to try another place, hence the title.

We have been twice to Caffe Rizzoli now, and both times its been a pleasure. They serve you, they have proper china crockery, and when I ask for Earl Grey tea I get Twinings, which in my humble opinion is the ONLY Earl Grey tea. Nothing else will do.

My husband had coffee and Pane Tostato with butter and preserves for his breakfast. He had already eaten at home so this was a little snack. I could see others around us tucking into luscious food, well presented and reasonably priced, what more could you ask. The place is comfortable, the staff are pleasant and friendly and they don’t rush you. All in all, a very agreeable hour was spent there on a rainy Saturday morning.photoAndrea x


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