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I Love My Overlocker

February 1, 2015

Its been a long time since I’ve been here, nearly a whole year. We had a very busy summer (my excuse) as our son moved to Oxford as part of his uni course and this entailed numerous trips up and down the motorway looking for somewhere for him to live.  He was in the middle of exams and revision so couldn’t spare the time so it was up to us to pick a place that fit his criteria, quiet road and a driveway to park his car. So, look at a house, send a photo, wait for a reply, on to the next place. Eventually we picked the one place we just hoped was good enough. Then the big move, another trip down the motorway with both cars packed to the rafters but all went well and he was settled in. Then he wanted his bike, then his trolley jack, I swear my husband’s car could have driven there all on its own!!

After the big move his room was stripped of furniture, carpets, bed, ready for redecorating, new carpet, bed etc. Then I moved in with my sewing machine and what a pleasure its been since. No faffing about clearing the dining room table, getting the machine out, sewing then tidying away. Previously I have kept my sewing stuff under the settees or under the bed, but no more, I have everything out where I can see it and use it.

I am getting to the point here..I have always wanted an overlocker (serger for our American friends), but I had nowhere to keep it, would I use it if I had to get it from its hiding place? Would I be able to thread it, all the horror stories on the net put me off. Well, now I had a room, it was my birthday last week (29th Jan), my husband bought me an overlocker and I love it to the moon and back. Its a dream to thread, not difficult at all, just like threading your sewing machine but with four threads not one.

Already made two T shirts, a skirt and a sweat shirt on it, only using my sewing machine for the hems. Its brilliant. I got a Brother 1034D and I can’t praise it enough.

2015-01-31 Brother Overlocker 1034D 001

I sewed a quilt for my son’s girlfriend for Christmas, it was a nightmare. Not that it was difficult to make, just finding nine fabrics that I thought suitable for a 20 year old girl was so frustrating. Got there in the end but I won’t be doing that again. I made a cushion with the left over nine patch but it seems I didn’t take a photo. She liked it.

2014-11-16 georgia's quilt 001

Andrea x


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